Project Detail


The project is being monitored by GEO SCIENCE laboratories
  • General Specifications :
    • Parking Garage.
    • Electric elevator with unnecessary battery power failure and VVF system.
    • A main water tank in the ground floor with a capacity of 150.000 liters.
    • 2000 liter water tank for each flat on the roof.
    • Shared water well.
    • Double walls.
    • Exfoliating paper with Fibers and Latex materials
    • Handrails with glass securit.
  • External Specifications:
    • Stone coating according to designs.
    • Santex or a good fit by design.
    • Windows and doors PROFIL 2000.
  • Internal Specifications:
    • Salon, seating, entrance, and Grace floors (80 * 80) according to 3D maps.
    • Ceramic floor tiles by 3D maps.
    • Kitchen and bathroom floors Porcelain or ceramics according to 3D maps.
    • Heat-water and heat exchangers PQ German.
    • The Schuagag Puchs is German and there is a roofing room on the roof.
    • Electrical wiring of VIMAR PLANA or equivalent and Lebanon cables.
    • Iranian Copper Fittings (Al-Qaim)
    • The interior doors consist of a wooden swivel box Sweden clad with a veneer or white grease with a padding. (Between 18mm and 18mm).
    • Main entrance door MDF candied veneer and Spanish meter meter (between 18mm and 18mm).
    • Interior paint three facets of paste and rubber paint.
    • Gypsum in the saloons and bedrooms (Pladur Spanish first door) according to 3D maps
    • Kitchen granite / quartz + MDF cabinets with PVC according to 3D maps
    • Isolating surfaces with 5 years guarantee.
    • Bathroom linens: Suspension tank, ROCA chair / taps, ROCA mixers / and good quality cabinets (ROCA warranty three years).
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